Estate Planning and Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important aspect of many estate plans
  • Life insurance is a valuable addition to estate planning options, particularly for young couples with children.
  • Term life insurance provides young couples with the opportunity to create an "instant estate" in the event of the untimely death of a parent. (Insurance on a "stay at home" parent helps cover the cost of child care and homemaking.)
  • Life insurance can help pay mortgages, college tuition, or estate taxes, or can create an income stream to provide for a surviving spouse in trust with the principal passing to children.
  • Life insurance is an integral part of much business planning, to provide liquidity and avoid the need to sell assets of a business upon the death of a business owner.
  • There are special tax advantages for life insurance, in some cases providing for tax free growth of principal.
  • It is helpful to consult with a knowledgeable life insurance agent as part of your estate planning process.
  • Many agents are also knowledgeable about long term care insurance.
  • Our office can provide you with the names of experienced life insurance agents.

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